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Big News!  On the investor side, we have a very special offer: The first 10 people who invest $10,000 will receive 1% of the acquisition purchase when it happens.

1% may not sound like much, but do the math for 1% of $100 million — $200 million: $1M — $2M is quite a return!  

Additionally, we have limited number of openings for a $5K investment, which will result in 0.5% of the acquisition purchase.

Let us know if you’re interested! This offer is nearing full subscription. The agreement has been finalized and is ready for your signature.

Contact us at if you’re interested!

Tad’s Dad’s Chili Is Moving Forward!

  • The meat has been taken out of the recipe! The original taste hasn’t gone anywhere, and this allows everyone to enjoy the chili by adding the protein of their choice:  steak, ground beef or turkey, or any of the plant-based proteins that are now flooding the market. Removing the meat opens up the market and increases the profit margin; both of these are great! 

  • We have engaged with an industry leading co-packer in Denver, CO. They have much experience in the co-packing industry, and are advising us on everything needed to get into stores and sell our fabulous chili online.

  • Everything is moving and we are thrilled to finally see Tad’s Dad’s Chili become a reality!  We’re working to finish the details on our business plan. 

  • It is being sold in a 24-ounce jar and be placed on the shelf right next to the not-so-tasty chilis; since there is no meat in the pouch, the chili is officially termed a “chili starter.” With the addition of less than a pound of meat/protein, this size jar will make 4-6 generous servings.  

  • Tad’s Dad’s Chili will be available in independent grocery store/chains across the country and regional Colorado Whole Foods stores. It will also be available to buy through our website and many of the e-commerce sites that sell groceries – from the get-go!

  • The first addition to Tad’s Dad’s Chili retail line will be the chili starter freeze-dried in a pouch, meeting the increasing demand by hikers and campers for lighter and easily transportable quality meals. We’ll let you know where you can buy it, as well as order it from our site online.

  • As soon as production allows, we will be connecting with ARAMARK to have a Tad’s Dad’s Chili kiosk in stadiums and concert venues to add a Tad’s Dad’s Chili kiosk. Other avenues that have shown interest are retirement communities and several restaurants.

  • Our exit strategy is to be acquired by a large food company such as Hormel, Campbell’s, and the like. Food company acquisition is huge right now, and has been for several years; check out this local success story.

  • We are working with a consultant who is in this field; he’s told us Tad’s Dad’s Chili is ripe for acquisition; we will need to have several million dollars in annual sales for 2-3 years for the business to be eligible, and we have also hired a CPA who will have the numbers structured for acquisition from the first sale forward. Acquisition of food companies currently range from $100 - $300 million.

Here’s What’s Happening

Investor Opportunities

if you are interested in our company, let's connect:


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