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Tad and Gary, 


In 2014, Tad moved to Denver, CO and brought her chili to a cook-off at the high school where she taught special education. Out of 50 entries, her chili won the “Best Overall” award; the principal of the school told her that people were fighting over the last few bites and raving at the exquisite and unique flavor. He implored Tad to get the chili to market - it was just too good not to share, and he was sure it would be a huge success.


In the summer of 2017, Tad was ready to develop the chili and take it to market. Conscious Chili, LLC was formed, and with the help of a friend, they researched existing chili on the market, tasted them and ranked the categories and characteristics of each chili. Developing the final product took many months and entailed individual rankings and feedback from over 100 people.

Tad Tandler, after making some of her famous chili.


Tad Tandler and Gary Barr, founders of Tad's Dad's Chili.


Gary Barr, waiting for some homemade chili.

Now that the final recipe has been decided, Tad and her business partner and husband, Gary Barr, have chosen a leading Denver co-packer as the best match for production, packaging, and distribution. This delicious chili will be sold to markets and directly to retail customers!


Email us to learn more! or

Tad's Dad: The Man

My dad, Ty Tandler, graduated from West Point in 1950 and became a lifelong Air Force pilot. He was passionately dedicated to his country, family, and football. Dad’s elaborate tailgate spreads were renowned for his delicious chili and I was his sidekick and chili prep-partner for many years. Today, I’m proud to share Dad’s legacy with the world so everyone can enjoy his awesome comfort food, in all seasons! . . . Tad, Ty’s daughter


While serving his country for decades, Colonel Tyler Winslow Tandler of the U.S. Air Force, also loved to serve his much-loved chili recipe for his family with the intention of passing it down from generation to generation. Tad was right alongside him in the family kitchen watching and learning, and contributing to the perfection that is now Tad’s Dad’s chili.


Colonel Tandler and children, Bob, Rich, and Tad. John was in the water, about to be pulled up on waterskis!


Looking over Dad’s shoulder as usual, Tad happily photobombs this picture.

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